Sunday, 29 March 2015


If you've been missing your Thai horror of late, this one might be right up your street. Moving house is something that needs to be thoroughly planned, especially if you live in Thailand where, presumably, every house is haunted. As well as every lift, every apartment building, every school... you get the idea.

There are days that are considered good for moving house, but inversely, there are also days on which moving house is considered extremely unlucky. Young couple In (Akara Amarttayakul, The Intruder) and Ann (Kamolnapatch Thanwong) think nothing of these superstitions though, and they move into their dream house on an "unlucky" day. Oh dear, oh dear.

When strange things start happening to them, like for example their daughter seeing a little girl in their house at night, Ann's mother falls ill and even In's temperament begins to change. In desperation, Ann seeks the help of a supernatural specialist. Pretty standard Thai horror territory then. Still, at just under £8 (US$11.49) this one might be worth a look. My House is available to own on English subtitled Taiwan DVD now.

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