Sunday, 24 August 2014


You are what you eat. That's how the tagline reads. Evil Feed is a new low budget horror movie that certainly has our full attention. The Long Pig Restaurant, known in the underground world for its cannibalistic cuisine, has a new attraction. The Pit of Gore is where blood thirsty customers get to watch their prospective meals being tenderized, as captured elite fighters are forced to battle to the death for their 'tendertainment'.

Part of me suspects the filmmakers came up with that word first and the rest of the movie just fell into place. The trailer looks pretty damn cool though, offering up an over the top blend of laugh out loud action, comedy and gore. Directed by Kimani Ray Smith, written by Aaron Au, Smith and Jana Mitsoula, and starring Laci J Mailey, Terry Chen and Alyson Bath, Evil Feed serves up a fine feast of sex, violence and severed limbs.

Our review copy came with a menu and recommendations from Jeffrey Dahmer, who went on record to say it's his favourite place to eat. Then there's Hannibal Lecter, who claims the food at The Long Pig Restaurant is "a taste sensation". You really can't argue with that. The house special, by the way, is Nipple Tartare. You might want to stay away from the 'Dicky Roll'.

Evil Feed is available to watch On Demand & Digital from 25 August 2014. We'll be reviewing it over the next few days so check out the trailer and see if it whets your appetite. AW

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