Thursday, 12 September 2013


Directed by Chile's pioneer of action cinema Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, and starring the super-deadly Fernanda Urrejola, Bring Me The Head Of The Machine Gun Woman has already got us far too excited, and now brand new artwork and movie stills have been released.

Opening in selected cinemas on 27th September 2013, Espinoza’s film follows Santiago (Matias Oviedo), a nightclub DJ and videogame addict, who overhears one of the City’s most dangerous criminals putting a hit on a hell-on-heels femme-fatale bounty hunter named, you’ve guessed it, ‘The Machine Gun Woman’.

Santiago cleverly avoids execution by offering to bring her in. What sounds like some crackerjack quick thinking from the party rocking maestro turns into a huge mistake.  He’s given just 24 hours to make good on his claim, trading his average life for one more akin to the violent video games he can only dream of playing. With GTA a pale imitation of his new world, guns, sexy women, and some brutal bloodshed quickly turn his life into a living Hell.

On the plus side, if you have to risk your life to bring someone in, there are worse options than Fernanda Urrejola, better known for her television work, with credits including Graduados (2013), Diario secreto de una professional (2012), and La Doña (2011). If the images are anything to go by we are in for an absolute treat.  You can read our verdict this weekend.

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