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I can’t put into words just how good this show is. Adapted by Peter Berg (Very Bad Things, The Kingdom, Hancock) from the book and film of the same name, Friday Night Lights superbly dramatizes events surrounding two high school football teams based in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, with particular focus given to the team's coach, Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and his family.  

Cue lots of drama, conflict, break ups, make ups, warring teens, sparring adults, barrels of humour, and a little bit of last-minute American football mayhem thrown in for good measure. The Launchpad for many stars of 2012, this is must-see television, and thankfully has finally found its way over to the UK, airing on Sky Atlantic from its birth to its beautifully concluded finale at the end of season five. For those that have seen it, or want to, or need persuading, here are the shows top 20 characters. 

20. Waverly Grady

In three words: Passionate. Intelligent. Mental.
Most likely to say: "You know I love... rahhhhhr!"
Played by: Aasha Davis
You may know her from: South of Nowhere (2005), Pariah (2011)
Next seen in: The Castle, The Last Beat. 

19. Carlotta Alonso

In three words: Cute. Caring. Cougar.
Most likely to say: "Is that porn under your mattress? How about the real thing?"
Played by: Daniella Alonso
You may know her from: The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007), The Collector (2009)
Next seen in: Re-kill. Upgrade.

18. Herc

In three words: Honest. Annoying. Clown.
Most likely to say: "Look on the bright side, we get free parking."
Played by: Kevin Rankin
You may know him from: Hulk (2003), Justified (2010-2012)
Next seen in: Congratulations.

17. Luke Cafferty

In three words: Toiler. Kind. Simple.
Most likely to say: "You know, I traded my pig for you."
Played by: Matt Lauria
You may know him from: Lipstick Jungle (2008), The Chicago Code (2011)
Next seen in: Person of Interest.

16. Bryan Smash Williams

In three words: Confident. Arrogant. Star.
Most likely to say: "Smash."
Played by: Gaius Charles
You may know him from: Salt (2010), Takers (2010)
Next seen in: Pam Am.

15. Mindy Collette

In three words: Mother. Breadwinner. Pole-dancer.
Most likely to say: "You know this, right here, this is an anti-Riggins forcefield."
Played by: Stacey Oristano
You may know her from: Dragonball Evolution (2009), Shin Chan (2007)
Next seen in: Long Time Gone.

14. Jason Street

In three words: Lost. Impassioned. Virtuous.
Most likely to say: "Why won't you let yourself have this car?"
Played by: Scott Porter
You may know him from: Prom Night (2008), Dear John (2010)
Next seen in: Heart of Dixie, The To-Do List.

13. Vince Howard

In three words: Criminal. Warmhearted. Potential.
Most likely to say: "Screw them!"
Played by: Michael B. Jordan
You may know him from: The Wire (2002), Chronicle (2012)
Next seen in: Red Tails.

12. Lyla Garrity

In three words: Unselfish. Religious. Cheerleader.
Most likely to say: "I look good because yesterday I was baptized and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, Jason. I mean, Tim."
Played by: Minka Kelly
You may know her from: The Kingdom (2007), Charlies Angels (2011)
Next seen in: The Roommate.

11. Julie Taylor

In three words: Sweet. Impressionable. Smart.
Most likely to say: "Are you done?"
Played by: Aimee Teegarden
You may know her from: Prom (2011), Scream 4 (2011)
Next seen in: Aim High, AWOL.

Who will make it to number one?
Clear eyes, full hearts, Can't lose!

Written by Daryl Wing

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