Sunday, 18 March 2012


When I was young, I never really knew, just what it takes to be a mum like you. But looking at you through grown up eyes, I see the traits that I now recognise. Kindness, love, comfort and care, are all qualities I've left  in the lurch. I had the best teacher and so if I'm doomed, it's only because I learnt all from you. And if I can be half the parent you are, my kids will be the most demented by far. Happy Mother's Day. To celebrate, here are ten of the toughest mothers in World Cinema. Women you seriously wouldn't mess with, including...


Perhaps we should cut her some slack. Her husband has just died on the sidewalk, leaving her to look after the kids by herself, and the children are now forced to try and continue her husband's ritualistic tradition of kidnapping and eating other humans. Justifying their bizarre diet with ritual blood ceremonies is one thing, but now they must decide who will provide the victims now that father has gone. It's time for mother to man up. Still, beating a woman to death with a shovel because they don't eat prostitutes before belting an older man over the head with the same tool because her son Julian won't eat homosexuals is all a bit fussy when the breadwinner is toast. At least she won't have to tire the whippersnappers out at the playground any time soon.

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