Wednesday, 21 March 2012


“Why they bothered getting married is beyond me, but Daughters of Darkness introduces us to a troubled young couple just as they book into a luxurious but desolate hotel. Valerie is young, naïve and curious, Stefan is a sadistic cock. When a mysterious, exotic countess arrives at the hotel with her rather tasty assistant, things take a turn for the bizarre. The newlyweds are slowly seduced into an erotically charged, supernatural world. Can they resist the lure of sexy vamps wanting their pound of flesh?

With a great soundtrack and wonderful cinematography, Harry Kuemel’s stylish and sexy twist on the vampire story is a slow-burning pleasure, dripping with nudity, artistic visuals and wonderful chemistry, until the surprisingly bold ending that explodes into violence. Our leads are a little frustrating – it’s hard to think of a more unlikely couple - but you can understand why they’re both seduced by such unforgettable vixens, hungry for blood in this sexy, spellbinding horror – great stuff.” DW

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