Friday, 10 February 2012


Have you ever had to refund someone for being a bit stupid? Let me tell you, it’s embarrassing. Sadly, it’s also quite common. I had the misfortune to work in a DVD rental outlet. The amount of times I had to ‘apologise’ for not informing the punter that the movie they purchased the day before was subtitled, thus ruining their evening in front of the gogglebox, was staggering. And this was back in the day when world cinema on our shores was rarer than cockle pickers. I dread to think how many refunds are reluctantly offered to naïve consumers these days.

Instead of moaning about how lazy and small-minded these people are, and there are many of them, I decided to compile a list of movies that even they might enjoy. It was harder than I thought. Ignoring silent movies from yesteryear, here are ten movies with very little dialogue but more entertainment than you’ll find in most films available to rent this month. Yes, it will still require a little bit of reading, but the wave of nausea surging through the bodies of witless folk at the thought of such irksome flicks is ill-founded. These films are very good indeed...

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