Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Another day, another comic book adaptation. Only this time our superhero doesn't have any special powers. Instead, he makes use of his intellect and wealth in his continuous battle for humanitarianism. Sounds rubbish, doesn't it? But Largo Winch is a Belgian comic book series by Phillipe Francq and Jean Van Hamme, which received its first cinematic outing in 2008. The Burma Conspiracy is the no-expense-spared follow-up. So much so, someone decided to splash the cash and invite Sharon Stone along for the party. Bruce Wayne has left the building. 

When the occupants of a Burmese village are massacred, the incident is linked to a billionaire playboy and international man of action (Largo Winch) and his deceased father's multi-national corporation.

Determined to clear his name and hunt down the real culprits, Largo (Tomer Sisley) journeys into the hazardous terrain of the Burmese jungle in search of the truth, and to rescue a female villager names Malunai (Nirut Sirichanya), who he fell in love with years earlier. 

Armed and loaded (with money, not bullets), Largo attempts to find out who really bankrolled the massacre, thus enabling him to sell off his entire company and transfer the proceeds to his own charitable foundation...

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