Wednesday, 21 December 2011


From the writer of City Of God (2002), The Enemy Within is the follow-up to 2007's Elite Squad, which was a critical and commercial success in its home country. Directed once again by Jose Padilha, the sequels continues to pursue the drug-busting operations of BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion), but can it achieve even greater success than the first visit to a crime-riddled Rio de Janeriro?

Following the bloody aftermath of a disastrously handled prison riot, revered Lieutenant-Colonel Roberto Nascimento (Wagner Moura) and his second in command Aspirante Matias (Andre Ramiro) face unrelenting battles both on the streets and within the corrupt political system of Rio de Janeiro.

Caught up in the bloody dispute that involves not only government officials but also the deadly paramilitary groups, Nascimento must try to restore order while attempting to win the hardest task of all - to rescue the love his family once had for him...

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