Friday, 18 November 2011


Film: Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 3
UK Release date: 5th December 2011
Certificate: 18
Year: 2011
Running time: 100 mins
Reviewer: Adam Wing

Looking for something a little bit different to sink your teeth into? Following on from the critically-acclaimed release of Grindhouse Trailer Classics 1 & 2, Nucleus Films are set to take you on another two hour trip back to the “gory days” of cult and exploitation cinema, with their latest unseen compilation of audacious theatrical trailers from the sleazy cinematic sub-genre known as “grindhouse”. Over 50 trailers are included, not to mention a short interview with movie encyclopaedia Kim Newman, who takes us on a trip down memory lane with his tales of growing up around grindhouse.

Talk about covering all bases. Volume 3 crams in the usual assortment of horror movies, revenge thrillers, exploitation pics and action chicks; it’s enough to make your head spin. A female Tarzan, Pam Grier in chains and canine bank robbers, yours for the taking on this twisted trip back to the glory days of the sleazy 60s and 70s. There are 55 trailers in all, including the likes of Black Mama, White Mama, starring Tarantino favourite and Blaxploitation superwoman Pam Grier. Special praise goes to The Doberman Gang, a hilarious high concept robbery flick with a twist in the ta(il) that borders on insanity. Then there’s Nazi Love Camp 27, which is probably a really disappointing movie in its entirety, but the trailer is a work of unrivalled genius, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that these guys know how to sell movies.

Action movies take centre stage on this one, with films like Deadly China Doll, Superchick and Police Women giving their female stars the chance to kick some serious ass, usually wearing little more than a pair of denim shorts. Horror movies aren’t overlooked either, with Don't Open the Door, Schizoid, Touch of Satan, It Came Without Warning and Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave providing chills, thrills, overacting and plenty of risible dialogue. Not from the actors, that’s just the voice over guys. The best way to view Grindhouse Trailer Classics - Volume 3 is with a few cans of beer and some likeminded friends. If only to witness some of the most heroic voice over work ever committed to film. It’s overkill of the highest order, but it makes for compulsive viewing all the same.

If you’re in it for the flesh then they’ve got you covered as well. Sexploitation comes thick and fast with Terminal Island, Superchick & The Female Bunch. There’s more than enough titillation to float your boat, including an obvious passion for all things European. I say European, I mean Swedish. Check out the trailers for Swedish Fly Girls, Swedish Wife Exchange Club and Sweden, Heaven and Hell. Whatever your taste, Volume 3 has it covered, and it makes for a highly enjoyable one-night stand that won’t set you back. There are a lot of hidden gems lurking in the vaults at Nucleus Films, and this is the best way to reawaken your lust for all things grindhouse.

Highlights for me include the trailer for The Doberman Gang, which is more entertaining than the majority of high-concept heist thrillers made today. The film title ‘The Rats are coming! The Werewolves are here!’ pretty much says it all really. Startling voice over work on The Telephone Book trailer, which goes with the line “The story of a girl who falls in love with the world’s greatest obscene phone call”… I mean really, what’s that you say? Two horror trailers that demand your full attention are Shriek of the Mutilated, which takes on the myth of the abominable snowman and wins you over with some unconvincing effects and cheap as chips costumes. Then there’s Tourist Trap, a teen horror movie that’s keen to remind us that tourists go missing all the time. It deserves recognition however for being freaky, unforgettable trash of the highest order, and don’t get me started on the dolls.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh, drowning in a sea of nostalgia or hoping to add to your DVD collection, Grindhouse Trailer Classics - Volume 3 is worth a look. Kim Newman is on hand to provide a colourful commentary, but it’s the shocking, sexy, deranged and demented that will keep you hooked. All 55 of them.

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