Monday, 24 October 2011


"They saved themselves for this? Rejoining the others in living hell, it's little wonder Andrea is a bit grumpy. Dale still isn't having a bar of it though, so he's lucky there's a walker stalking the RV otherwise the screwdriver Andrea is holding for self-defence could've been thrust into his eye socket instead. Despite the fact he saved her life yet again, the screaming banshee will only be happy when she's allowed to blow her brains out. Welcome back, The Walking Dead...

Season two sure kicks off in fine style - a tense opening set-piece when the remaining survivors are forced to stop on the motorway in order to move abandoned vehicles halting their progress. Naturally, the RV breaks down, and Dale is too busy trying to fix it to notice a herd of walkers heading their way. Forced to hide under cars, the scene is wonderfully executed, but from here on in some acts of stupidity stifle the episode. First off, T-Dog is clumsier than a battle droid when he rips his arm open. The problem isn't the burying-yourself-under-the-dead to hide the stench of fresh blood, but how quickly his quite nasty wound is treated and forgot about. 

Then there's the stupid kids. Sophia doesn't do what she's told when ordered to stay put so Grimes can take out a couple of stray zombies chasing her, which means the rest of the episode is spent looking for her. Only after a good night's sleep though - a sensible decision barely contested by her mother, let alone anyone else. With a bit of luck she's toast. Meanwhile, encouraged by his father, frustrated Carl decides now would be a good time to make friends with a deer - the only food, other than human flesh, around for miles - you  still won't guess what happens next but mummy will surely be pleased. Having said that, she seems more concerned with trying to become best buddies with the guy that almost raped her.

Snipes aside, Daryl is quickly becoming the most likeable character, and most fearsome, seeing as he's handy with a crossbow and loves to get his hands dirty. In What Lies Ahead he dissects a zombie in order to find out whether its last meal was Sophia. Along with the opening horde of living dead (where were they going?) and an entertaining bloodbath at Church, it seems we're in for  many more bloody thrills despite the budget being chopped. With conflict aplenty, look-away gore and some decent chills, The Walking Dead is still compulsive viewing, and special praise awarded to FX for including just the one commercial break."                                  DW

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