Friday, 16 September 2011


Controversial Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono's first major commercial hit was a movie he wrote, directed and shot in a record time of two weeks (assembled in four) called Suicide Circle, a disturbing thriller about Japan's incredibly high suicide rate. A hit in Japan, it was also played in many film festivals, where it was retitled Suicide Club, and won the Groundbreaker Award and the Most Groundbreaking Film jury prize at the Fant-Asia Film Festival. Ten years on, the UK finally gets a release courtesy of Cine Du Monde.
54 high school girls throw them­selves in front of a sub­way train in some kind of bizarre pact, but this appears to be only the begin­ning of a string of sui­cides around the coun­try, all involv­ing school chil­dren.
With ques­tions raised over the involve­ment of an up and com­ing all-girl pop group called Dessert, Detec­tive Kuroda (Ryo Ishibashi) des­per­ately tries to find the answer, which isn’t as sim­ple as one would hope…
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