Thursday, 22 September 2011


Erotibot, starring Japanese AV star Maria Ozawa, is the latest film from the production company behind the irredeemably trashy and, at times, fun Big Tits Zombie (2010) and the ultra-bloody gore-fest The Horny House Of Horror (2010). Unleashed in the UK in September 2011, it’s probably safe to say that titillating delights and a few exploding heads are on the cards.

Tomayo is heiress to her wealthy family’s fortunes. In order to protect her from greedy relations, she is looked after by three android bodyguards. The first is masterful and good looking, the second has beastlike strength, and the third is a clumsy misfit who can’t seem to get anything right.

Together, the three androids help protect Tomayo from danger and serve/service her during the day (delete as appropriate). Life smells of roses until another family member, Tsukiyo (Maria Ozawa), jealous of Tomayo, hires a private detective to spy on her.

Uncovering a dark secret, Tsukiyo is consumed by rage, believing Tomayo to be an embarrassment and not worthy of the riches she’ll inherit. Along with her loyal servant Azami (The Machine Girl, Robogeisha), can she distract the three Androids long enough to kill the girl and bag the fortune for herself?

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