Thursday, 18 August 2011


"Taut, exciting, and refreshingly easy to follow for a time-travel yarn, Source Code sees Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) on a mission to identify a bomber who destroyed a train just hours earlier and who plans to kill thousands more with a much larger explosion in the heart of Chicago.

If you’re uncertain how a movie set almost entirely around eight minutes of action can possibly sustain your interest for an hour and a half, with the same explosion dominating the screen time and time again, fear not. A top-secret program, named 'Source Code', allows Colter to exist briefly as another man in the parallel reality of the doomed commuter train. Each time he returns to the train, Colter has just eight minutes to uncover the bomber's identity. So far, so easy.

Better still, the more he learns, the more convinced he becomes that he can prevent the deadly blast from ever happening, and you’ll be hoping he does just that in order to save the gorgeous Michelle Monaghan. Director Duncan Jones (Moon) grabs your attention from the outset, then layers on the suspense to unbearable levels, as every time the beleaguered Stevens gets close to solving the riddle and saving the girl, the bomb explodes and he’s whisked back into reality.

There may be brief moments of repetition that hinder its pace, the melodramatic finale goes on a touch too long (mainly involving Stevens relationship with his father), other characters on-board the train are too stereotyped, and when the list of suspects is finally whittled down to one, a lack of a decent set-piece disappoints. However, the cast are on top form, especially  Gyllenhaal, the visuals and soundtrack is superb, and there’s a nifty little twist in the tail that transforms this story from decent to very good indeed.”

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