Wednesday, 20 July 2011


"DreamWorks turns the superhero genre on its head with their latest animated foray, Megamind. Growing up can be tough when you have superpowers, and nobody knows that better than Megamind (Will Ferrell). Touching down on Earth as a small child, his appearance is overshadowed by the arrival of protector-in-waiting Metro Man (Brad Pitt) - a better looking, infinitely more dashing superhero, who steals Megamind’s thunder and plays a jaunty tune with it. Megamind sets out to destroy his smug nemesis and take over Metro City once and for all.

His dreams come true when, almost by accident, he defeats Metro Man and gains control of ‘Metrocity’. But life can be dull when you’re a ying with no yang, so Megamind creates a new superhero (Jonah Hill) to fight against. Chaos ensues when things don’t go to plan, and a romantic subplot threatens to turn the world on its egg-shaped head. It soon becomes abundantly clear that the world's biggest "mind", along with his comic sidekick Minion (David Cross), might actually have to save the day for once.

Megamind is a neat twist on the superhero formula, and the filmmakers have plenty of fun playing around with familiar clich├ęs and themes. Will Ferrell and Jonah Hill are a blast from start to finish, taking a frequently witty script and flying away with it. Tina Fey provides spunky female support, and David Cross delights as Megamind’s absent minded sidekick. 

The writers throw in plenty of twists along the way, but it's Ferrell’s riff on Jor-El that steals the show. When it comes to computer animation Pixar still lead the way, but Megamind is further proof that the chasing pack are closing in. Street smart, charming and laugh out loud funny, Megamind is an animated adventure that won’t leave you feeling blue."


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