Thursday, 26 May 2011


Film: Tracker ***
Release date: Out Now
Certificate: 12
Running time: 98 mins
Director: Ian Sharp
Starring: Ray Winstone, Temuera Morrison, Andy Anderson, Mark Mitchinson, Gareth Reeves
Genre: Drama/Action
Country: New Zealand
Reviewer: Daryl Wing

English-born Director Ian Sharp’s best work is arguably five episodes for the excellent television series Robin Of Sherwood (1984). Most of his other credits have also been for the gogglebox, whether it be a movie or part of a continuing drama. It’s therefore hard to get too excited about his return after an eight year absence; that is until you discover heavyweights Ray Winstone (who also found fame in Sherwood) and Temuera Morrison (the one and only Jango Fett) star in his freshest offering, Tracker, set in New Zealand’s spectacular landscape.

It’s 1903, and Arjan (Winstone), a guerrilla survivor of the South African Boer War, has landed in colonial New Zealand and is promised a generous bounty to capture Kereama (Morrison), a Maori seafarer accused of killing a British soldier.

Being such a successful tracker, what should be a simple job for Arjan turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse as Kereama is no fool himself, repeatedly escaping, all the while insisting he is innocent.

As each man gains and loses the upper hand, they find they have more in common than simply a mutual hatred of the British, who aren’t far behind, by now suspicious of Arjan and desperate to capture Kereama once and for all…

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