Sunday, 17 April 2011


"To think I left this sitting on the shelf for a while - hell knows why. It's true that I didn't enjoy Skrek much, thought Madagascar was laboured and Kung Fu Panda lacked a certain something (and starred a certain someone I just can't empathise with), but then there was How To Train Your Dragon. It's not as good as How To Train Your Dragon, by the way, but this often hilarious tale about the least successful supervillain the world has ever known is easily the second best film from Dreamworks.

When Megamind actually kills his nemesis, a superhero known as Metro Man, he soon realises that life has no purpose anymore. You just can't have a supervillain without a superhero. Realising that achieving his life's ambition is the worst thing that ever happened to him, Megamind goes to extraordinary lengths to regain some kind of meaning to his world, creating this hilarious journey packed with cracking one-liners, lush imagery, a rocking soundtrack, and Will Ferrell actually starring in two genuinely funny films from 2010. Imagine that... no funny films ever, and then two come at once."


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