Wednesday, 23 February 2011


"Thanks to ridiculous prices at the cinema, rip-off rental chain Blockbusters not allowing Lovefilm members a chance to add it to their list (I'm sure we'll all come flooding back now, muppets), and other tight-arse lame excuses, I've finally got round to watching one of the movies I was dying to see in 2010 - and no, I don't mean Robin Hood.

Anyway, Edgar Wright decides to leave best mates Pegg and Frost at home and takes the reins on this epic (length-wise for sure) adaptation of the cult comic book about loveable loser Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera as adorable as ever) who must prove his love for  Ramona Flowers (a sassy Mary Elizabeth Winstead) by battling her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

Fast-paced and frenetic fun for the videogame generation, this pop-culture spectacular really is the Bob-omb (yes, I did say that, and probably wasn't the first), with a great cast, endearing characters, cracking visuals and a thumping soundtrack that demands to be loud. It may bang on a little bit too long, but if you fancy something a little bit different, this Pilgrimage is definately a long journey worth taking - one of the most entertaining films of 2010 (better late than never)."  

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