Saturday, 15 January 2011


"Boarding your house up before a hurricane strikes is probably a wise move, but it probably also makes sense to check for any Bengal tigers that might happen to be stalking the downstairs hallway. I'm sure drop-dead-gorgeous Briana Evigan (Sorority Row) will do in future, after playing Kelly, a young girl with the responsibilty of raising her autistic (and extremely annoying) brother Tom (Charlie Tahan) after the apparent suicide of their mother.

It's no surprise when foul play is soon suspected, especially as the doors have also been sealed firmly shut, leaving the two protagonists with no way out, and the next intended meal for a hungry tiger in this surprisingly good horror from rookie director Carlos Brooks (one to look out for).

The effects are good, the set-pieces tense, and despite the fact a ravenous wildcat is stalking them in their own home, the well-paced Burning Bright still manages a sense of realism. The only downside is the autistic child Tom - believe me when i say you'll be cheering on the tiger for a good hour until Evigan steals the show portraying a sassy heroine the boys will most definately be rooting for."

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