Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Film: Sweet Karma ***
Release Date: 13th September 2010
Certificate: 18
Running time: 85 mins
Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt
Starring: Shera Bechard, John Tokatlidis, Frank J. Zupancic, Christian Bako
Genre: Crime/Thriller/Drama
Format: DVD
Country: Canada

Let’s be Frank here: rape and revenge movies have rarely offered anything new to the mix since they gate-crashed the movie scene during the seventies. So far, so brutal. But the genre has developed more pleasingly away from Hollywood, using torture as a shocking last resort, dabbling only occasionally, calming us with arty visuals, characterization and story. Now it’s Canada’s turn. Sweet Karma, written and directed by newcomer Andrew Thomas Hunt, better known for his music videos and photography, introduces us to Shera Bechard, a model with no previous acting credentials playing the lead – a mute. Hollywood must be shaking in its blood-stained boots…

Karma (Shera Bechard), a young, mute Russian woman follows in her dead sister’s footsteps by signing up to become a housemaid in Toronto, with hopes of discovering the truth about Anna’s demise.

Keen to exact revenge on those responsible, Karma follows her sister’s trail, soon realising that her employers’ ideas of a spit and polish are completely different to her own. From sleazy strip joints to dirty motel rooms, her journey to retribution forces her to confront some of the most vicious thugs out there, using and abusing girls simply to make cold hard cash.

Befriended by a gang-member and a friend of Anna’s, Karma must put their hidden agendas to one side as she’ll need all the help she can get if she is to retaliate, let alone survive…

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