Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Miike Takashi's unbelievably outrageous movie about a shamed reporter who visits one of Japan's 'comfort houses' to make a documentary about the experience, only to discover his daughter works there. Grounded? Not exactly. He doesn't even pay the full amount...

After that opening, nothing is sacred. Meeting Q, an enigmatic stranger who likes to hit people with rocks, he invites him into his home. Upon entering, Q decides to teach each family member a unique and special, not to mention pretty uncomfortable, lesson. Will he succeed in creating domestic harmony, or will he just make us all wish we watched the far-superior Audition instead?

Yes, it's your average tale of incest, anal rape and necrophilia designed to do nothing other than shock. Therefore, congratulations are in order because it does exactly that, if little more. One to say you've seen but maybe not to owning.

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